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Welcome to the studio.

I'm Chelle Gunderson, a floral artist, art educator, and jewelry maker. I love to paint beauty around me and inspire others to do the same. 

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Porcelain necklaces


Handcrafted and hand painted.
Give a little piece of art.


No two are alike. Really, each necklace is a little piece of art that no one has but you. 



Blue, green, or gold, timeless and classic colors to go with almost anything.

A little beauty...

Sometimes it is just the little things, and this little porcelain necklace is unassuming but classic, a statement that you like to own something that no one in the world has, a little piece of beauty. I loved creating these necklaces from kneading and forming the porcelain, painting the designs, glazing and firing, and then adding the gold-filled chain. 



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Online Art Courses

Come paint with me...

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Are you ready to paint some loose and intuitive florals?

My new online course is here!!

Click the link to learn all of the details. 


Online Floral Still Life Oil Painting Class 

Let's paint some flowers.  Whether you are painting for the first time or honing your skills, feel the joy of creativity.  

In my course, I show you step-by-step how to paint your own floral still life in oils.  I will teach you the materials, colors, and how to make the strokes.  When you are finished with this course, you will have a completed painting.

My course also covers how to develop an artist mindset and has a practice section to give you confidence before tackling the still life.  


What people are saying..


Absolutely loved this course!! Thank you for sharing your process. I always have it in my head it is so much more complicated, but I'm going to try your approach, be more relaxed, and see where it takes me. I've fund it hard finding oil tutorials with a 'style' that I like, as there are quite a lot in acrylic with a very loose painterly style but not many in oils. Would love to see you add some more tutorials, thoroughly enjoyed."

-Patricia B. 

"I've learned so much from your online course and Instagram! I learned why my paintings weren't loose, used too much paint, and the importance of pre-planning and working out the problems before going to the canvas. Also, I'm loving the quality materials! Thank you."


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The walls of our homes become the backdrops of our lives. We frame our most joyful moments, display family heirlooms, and seek out art that connects to our ongoing story. Life is made up of everydays—make them beautiful.

My oil paintings are a celebration of the lovely and mundane, still life with a simple view. It’s your favorite flower arrangement that will not wilt, even as it hangs on the walls of your grandchildren’s homes; it’s landscapes that will stir the same emotions with each passing glance. These familiar lines and shapes take us home, wherever that may be. 

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