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Porcelain necklaces are here...

I know, I paint flowers so why am I making necklaces? Well, because I am an artist, and I'm obsessed with all forms of creativity and craft. I learned how to make pottery in high school and college. I love this form of art, but it was not practical for me at the time. I did not have access to a studio or a kiln, so I focused on oil painting. But, always in the back of my mind, I knew I wanted to get back into pottery.


Now, my pottery has become another canvas for me. I love to get my hands messy and create something from clay. It is like free therapy, and it feels like Christmas every time my pieces come out of the kiln.


I will never give up oil painting, but this is another avenue to explore and paint flowers on a different medium. My necklaces are a small painting that you get to wear and collect. No two are alike. I am not a machine. Each stroke is a decision, a part of my creative DNA that with years of experience becomes a tiny painting.


Unique Beauty

in two colors...

Add to your classic pieces

I have my favorite jewelry that I do not want to stop wearing. I get it. I designed this necklace to be worn alone or with your favorite pieces. 


The Process

How it all begins...

I start by wedging the porcelain, kind of like kneading bread. This is to get out the air bubbles and unify the clay. Then I roll it out and cut it, again, well, like cookies. Then, each piece is carefully hand-shaped and the holes are added. Once it dries, I paint each one with flowers.  They are fired twice in the kiln and glazed on one side. 



For treasured keeping

Each necklace comes with a hand-crafted box for safe shipping and keeping.


Classic Charm

I went to the Paris in the Spring and saw beautiful porcelain pieces from 95 AD. They were colorful and detailed. So...this necklace is not going to fade and will probably last forever if you keep track of it. (That is what the box is for.) So wear it. Enjoy it. Don't baby it. Pass it on to your kids. 

A Little Piece of Art

Each necklace is hand painted in a beautiful cobalt blue or dark green.  


Why necklaces? 

I noticed that sometimes people want to buy art but do not always have the space or the budget. These necklaces are my answer. They are unique and timeless, yet small. They are easy on the budget and last, well, for centuries because they are porcelain. 

If you do have space, click the link below to see my floral paintings. 

For everyone

I wear my necklace everyday, and so do my girls. It seems like the blue and the green go with almost everything. The porcelain is dainty. The colors are trendy, and we love a layered look or the simple pendant. No matter what style or color you chose, the look is always unique because no two are alike. 

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