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How to Paint a Hydrangea Mini Course

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Learn how to paint this beautiful flower in my
step-by-step mini course.

In this online mini course, I am going to show you in 10 short videos how to paint a hydrangea using oil paints.  I demonstrate how to mix the paints and make the strokes. 

What you will get inside this mini course

  • Paint you own version of a hydrangea using oils: Learn to paint from start to finish.  Learn how to mix the beautiful colors and apply them.

  • 10 Short Lessons: Each step averages 2 minutes long, from how to tone the canvas to the finishing touches.

  • Supplies: All the supplies are listed and linked so there is no guess work.

  • Lifetime Access: Hone your skills and refer back to this course at any time!

I used to be afraid of painting hydrangeas.


I used to be

afraid of painting hydrangeas

These beautiful flowers are tricky, and I would avoid painting them.  It was so overwhelming to try to paint each blossom, and when I did, it looked like one big white blob. But, I have learned how to paint these beautiful in a very loose, painterly style, and I am going to show you how. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the time investment?

Each video is approximately two to three minutes long. This mini course has appxomiately 30 minutes worth of instruction so you will be able to complete your painting in one session.


Do I need to have any art experience?

No. I show step-by-step each stroke and how to mix the colors. I briefly explain the materials and supplies, but if you are new to painting, you might want to start with my full course, "How to Paint a Floral Still Life," which explains and demonstrates in depth the painting process. 

I have experience painting. Is this course too basic for me?

No. This course is designed to help anyone paint a hydrangea which can be tricky for any level of painter.


Do I need to live in the US to participate?

No. I do speak English so that would be the only requirement. 


Can I use acrylics for this course?

This course teaches how to paint a hydrangea using oils. I have had students take my other course using acrylics and have success.

What materials and supplies do I need? 

I have limited the materials and supplies to a minimum as this is a mini course.  They are all linked and briefly explained in the course. If you need a more in depth explanation and discussion, my other course, "How to Paint a Floral Still Life," might be a great place to start.


How do I access the course? 

As soon as you purchase the course, a link will be sent to your email where you create an account and password on Kajabi. After you create this, you will be able to sign into your account anytime to access the course. It will never expire. 


Let's Paint a Hydrangea...

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